Grimsholm Green is expanding in Europe – establishing on the French market!

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In February 2019, Grimsholm Green launches its entire quality assortment of installation material, spare parts and accessories for robotic lawnmowers on the French market through collaboration with leading specialist stores and retail chains. The expectations are big due the company is the first to have a full-range concept of accessories for robotic lawnmowers in France and at the same time the demand is increasing significantly every year.

– With 18.5% yearly sales growth of robotic lawnmowers, France has the strongest growth in Europe, although there are lots of other countries that are coming up. This means that France has been a prioritized market for us in 2019 when we target the majority of the European retail trade, says Denniz Gustafsson, CEO of Grimsholm Products AB.

Europe accounts for over 70% of the total sales of robotic lawnmowers in the world and the leading countries are Germany, Sweden, Italy and France where France accounts for the absolute largest percentage in sales growth.

According to Arizton advisory & intelligence, French households are very open to use the robotic lawnmower as a complementary product to the traditional lawnmower. Also, the high penetration of electric lawn mowers in France creates a very large market potential for the robotic lawnmower.

France has started initiatives such as “greening” of cities (e.g. Paris) through development of 74 hectares of public gardens, 200 different vegetation projects, educational buildings and renovation of parks and public gardens. This is expected to increase the use of lawn mowers in the coming years. France has ambitious plans to make a real difference. French landscape designers is also planning to promote development of mixed use, pedestrian-friendly and mass-transit oriented spaces in France. These spaces are expected to lead to growth in favor of robotic lawn mowers that can cut grass with the least possible environmental impact.

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